when do they turn the heat on

Eventually.  Don’t complain, because once it’s on it’s on for good basically until you move on.  There will be days you wish it was off.  It never turns off. 

09.20.14 ♥ 6
Anyone know who else is playing at the fall concert w/ Matt & Kim?

Sage the Gemini

09.19.14 ♥ 1
Have any of the mods studied abroad? If you have, or if you have a friend that has, can you explain about the process, and if you think it's worth it?

I have not personally, but I have heard a lot of people love it

09.19.14 ♥ 2
So I was planning to buy tickets to the Matt & Kim concert but I wasn't sure if there's a huge difference between buying floor vs. balcony tickets other than price (and location obviously). Like would choosing the floor be worth the $10 extra? I realize this is entirely subjective but if you have any experience going to a SUBOG concert at Jorgensen your input would be super helpful.

100% get the floor tickets if you can.

09.18.14 ♥ 0


South Grab and Go is back on Thursday at 4pm. 

Tell everyone.

09.17.14 ♥ 8


UCONN STUDENTS!! Come and join Michael Brown candlelight Vigil today Sept. 18th at 6:30 on the Student Union Terrace! Everyone is welcome! We’ll be taking a “Hands UP, Don’t Shoot” group photo as well.

09.17.14 ♥ 5
I have a strange question.. But it's my roommates birthday next week and I want to get balloons for her.. Where do I buy that because the price chopper doesn't have it?


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In love with UConn. God I hope I get in.

09.15.14 ♥ 10
does the infirmary take walk ins?


09.14.14 ♥ 0
how long do you think it will take a prof to grade a scantron exam if i took it this morning?

Depends on the professor.  You could get it this afternoon, or you could get it in 3 weeks.  ~*~sorry~*~

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